We are more than a platform. We are your HR Partner.
TeamGuide is a people management platform that brings together the resources your HR team needs to execute day-to-day processes and much more!
Our team works with HR to accelerate tasks, manage indicators, implement projects, and engage the team.
A people management platform and specialized support for the HR team
Does your HR team have a lot of tasks on their plate? Count on the support of TeamGuide to assist in the planning and execution of their work.
With TeamGuide, you can more than access to software. You also get real-time secure service from real human beings with the technical knowledge you need!
  • Complete people management platform: resources for performance evaluation, goal management, internal surveys, strategic indicators, and more!

  • Easy-to-use tools with high leader buy-in and employee engagement

  • Human service and support in real-time and at no additional cost

Make your people management processes faster, safer, and more impactful
TeamGuide’s platform offers a complete set of tools that easily fit into and enhance your current HR processes. Our goal is to make your activities more efficient so that you have time to fulfill strategic projects, leverage results, and develop your company’s talent pool.
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Performance Assessment
Take advantage of our extreme flexibility and technical support to run assessment cycles in a few days.
Goal Management
Global, team, and individual goals. Plan and track business results with the support of advanced features.
OKR Management
Create strategic maps and ensure greater organizational alignment and innovation power for the company.
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Internal Surveys
Track your employee’s level of individual commitment to business goals.
Pulse Surveys
Track employee views and sentiments through easily applied and tabulated climate surveys.
Well-being and Mental Health

Get a close-up view of mental health and well-being indicators, reduce burnout, and increase productivity.

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Individual Development Plan
Promote the continuous evolution of your talent pool with a guide that directs the learning process of each employee.
One-on-one Meetings
Conduct close and continuous follow-up with each employee to increase engagement and reduce turnover.
Create course and content trails to take your employees to new levels to new levels of competence.
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People Analytics
Monitor strategic indicators and track your employees’ journey with the support of graphs and metrics.
Data Management
Optimize the management of customizable data and help your company’s leadership ensure high performance from your employees.
Time Off
Improve agility in creating an absence calendar, keep accurate records, and have an up-to-date view of the time off map.
Fall in love with HR leaders’ most valuable program
Why do HR professionals love TeamGuide?
Because it’s a platform that adheres to your team’s workflow, it offers predictability and facilitates decision-making through powerful indicators.
Average number of engaged leaders
Average number of increased one-on-one meetings
Average quality rating of one-on-one meetings
Retention & turnover
Mental health
Number and quality of 1-1s
Automatic access to strategicindicators and reports
Your HR team needs to have access to secure and up-to-date data to make decisions, create projects, and play an active role in managing your company’s talent pool.
You can rely on the automation and data management capabilities of TeamGuide’s platform – in addition, of course, to enjoying our specialized support.
Integrate our features with your favorite systems
The future of HR is hyper-connected, and so is our software. Ensure barrier-free operation with smart integrations at no additional cost.
We’re at the side of your HR team at all times
Are the daily challenges of HR becoming increasingly complex?
We’ve gathered all the tools and support you need to overcome those challenges – all in one place. Let’s build a high-performing organization together!
Agile Onboarding
Getting started with TeamGuide is super easy. We help with data import, systems integration, and training – all simplified and taken care of in just a few days.
No robots or call forwarding. Our support representatives are real human beings and are ready to assist you whenever you need it.
Technical Consulting
We’re not here to sell tools, but to help you achieve your goals with your team. Count on an expert team dedicated to your success.
Training and Content
Get access to training and content designed to empower HR and leadership in facing the challenges of people management.
We are here to support you.
When you’re choosing a new HR tool, you want to analyze how well the features of the system execute your processes and workflow, and you also want to get a feel for the support you’ll receive in order to get your projects off the ground.
We’d like to invite you to a discovery call where we will learn about your company’s challenges and show you how our program will give you the solutions you need, ensuring that you are able to make an informed choice.
During the conversation, we will:
  • Understand your company’s culture

  • Show you our vision for addressing your challenges and solving your problems

  • Take you on a tour of our platform and get everything ready for your free trial

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