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Why does strategic people management matter?
Employee expectations are increasingly high and complex
HR personnel have to respond to increasing challenges of attracting, managing, and engaging professionals with increasingly sophisticated demands.

of professionals already value work-life balance more than benefits and high salaries.

Source: LinkedIn 2022 Global Talent Trends

Create a more strategic organizational culture based on engagement and continuous development.
Provide resources for leadership to monitor employee experience closely.
Become more efficient by automating repetitive tasks and free HR for what really matters.
Access a powerful data platform that provides the best insights into your decisions.
Companies investing in a better HR strategy take the lead in the race for the best talent
Organizations with a strong learning culture are 92% more innovative, and they are up to 50% more able to retain talent.
With TeamGuide, you can transform your people management into a competitive feature of your company, making a difference and exceeding the expectations of your team.
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A complete platform for faster, smarter, people-focused HR operation
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Keeping track of your employees’ experience has never been simpler
Meetings 1-1
Align your expectations and understand your team’s motivations and what may be blocking their experience.
Internal Surveys
Access powerful feedback, data, and metrics to support your people management strategy.
People Analytics
Easily follow the main indicators of people management, and evaluate the progress of employees in their journey with your company.
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Learning Cycles and High Performance
OKR Objective Management
Quickly implement a management methodology that is widely used by companies in Silicon Valley.
Performance Evaluation
Manage the entire Performance Evaluation process with professional, automated resources.
Individual Development Plan
Prioritize the professional development of your team, and invest in sustainable growth.
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An HR management system with processes and people walking together
Data and Document Management
Get out of the spreadsheets and be more efficient in your operation.
Work Thermometer
Take care of your team’s mental health.
Emotional Well-Being
Stay in-the-know of your employees’ well-being.
Praise and Recognition
Stimulate a culture of recognition.
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